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2024 design trends in the property investment world!

In an industry where ROI drives most decisions, it is risky to follow trends as such. LONGEVITY is an important parameter, therefor it is about understanding the behavioural influence behind these trends.

Let’s dissect the colour of the year which for many colour experts is abricoty … and have a look into the psychology of it:

Warmth & Comfort: Less intense than orange, it carries a sense of comfort and cosiness. It is a fabulous colour to make a space WELCOMING which is the prime emotion a guest, tenant or buyer want to experience. Sunny shades like yellow and orange tones create that warm effect. Can be done through paint but also through the choice of wall art and soft furnishing.

Optimism: Like other shades of orange, it tends to be associated with POSITIVITY and enthusiasm. Uplifting colours evoke a sense of cheerfulness, playfulness …which after few years of relative darkness, are particularly welcomed.

Nurturing and Caring: Because of its soft and gentle appearance, abricot – like other pastel colours, is associated with kindness and a welcoming nature. Again, in a rather difficult landscape, this is a trait that will resonate with many people. Wanted to be looked after and cared for…… WE ALL LOVE LOVE!


Femininity: For some investors, any soft and delicate colour can be rejected on the basis that it is too feminine – HOWEVER – it can easily be balanced with a more conventional ‘masculine colour’. The benefit of the pinks and other ‘girly pastels’ is that they soften the space by creating a GENTLE and CALMING atmosphere. On a more inner level, they can contribute a sense of emotional well-being. YES – even unconsciously, this is how deep colours can affect us. Finally, when it comes to create personality and stand out, moving away from the expected grey is a very strategic move!

In summary, when it comes to trends for this year (and the few ones to come) – it is about making design choices that bring POSITIVITY – WARMTH and CALM. It’s been hard in the last few years, still is – and creating spaces that allow your target market to disconnect and feel uplifted is a fabulous way to attract them and make them feel good!!! Everyone wins


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