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Interior Design with Fireworks

Design Services Include

  • Specializing in done with you bespoke services
  • Feng Shui, Vastu, and Energy Alignment of Space
  • Psychology and Symbolism in Design
  • Biophilic and Eco-wellness
  • Staging and structure of space
  • Consulting Services (1-off and ongoing)



Energy Services

  • Clearing of ‘stuck’ properties allowing for an easier sale
  • Clearing, alignment, and enhancement of new properties that ‘feel off'



Certificates offered for promoting SA ~ Clean Energetic|Harmonized Environment



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    • Cami Low
      February 13, 2023 at 10:58 am

      I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Nalasa, and I cannot recommend it enough!

      From start to finish, the session was both calming and invigorating, leaving me feeling renewed and refreshed in both my personal mindset as well as the plan for the interior of my new home.

      Nalasa’s attention to detail is unparalleled, and I was amazed at how she immediately tuned into our unique circumstances as it relates to the land and property of our building site.

      She provided several recommendations right away as to how we can align and be congruent moving forward.I have never really designed a home with my personal aesthetic because we knew we weren’t staying put, so I have always focused on what would resell. But instead of enjoying the process of FINALLY getting to do whatever I want, it was overshadowed by the stress of making a zillion decisions and making sure everything is right!

      We are putting a lot of money into this home, so I want to make sure it has the feel and design that is scattered into a bunch of different pieces in my brain!
      Throughout the session, Nalasa’s energy was positive and infectious, making the process both enjoyable and transformative.

      She calmed me down 😊 and gave me some great next steps to chunk things up and prioritize, which will help me during the design (and budgeting!) process so that I don’t feel so out of control.She was able to pull a “vision” out of me, which I hadn’t really been able to describe. Nalasa asked me questions that helped me identify what it is that I love – and more accurately, the emotions that they make me feel, such that I can bring that into the interior design of my home. She gave me clarity, structure, and confidence in the decisions I make to turn my vision into reality.

      Thank you so much, Nalasa – I have a renewed, expansive perspective… and I now have a structure to bring my vision and how I want my environment to feel into my home so that I can live my dream every day!

      I highly recommend working with Nalasa. Her work is truly transformative, and I cannot wait to see the final result.

      Thank you, Nalasa, for helping me create a space that truly nourishes my soul!

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