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At CashFlow Leasing, we specialise in tailored financial solutions, serving as intermediaries connecting lenders and clients in the dynamic property industry. Our focus spans diverse sectors, from SA, HMO's to Commercial properties, ensuring finance solutions that match your unique deal requirements. What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding your company and objectives.


Low Funds: Leasing reduces your initial expenditure as we can pay the supplier upfront, and you repay the lease monthly over 3 yrs from your property generated income.

Keep Your Cash: Preserve your cash for future ventures. Capital release from projects completed in the last 3 months is also possible (supplier dependant).

Achieve Higher Rent: Leasing allows you to select quality items, driving higher rental.

Tax Efficiency: Leverage tax benefits for an optimised financial strategy. Reduce tax burdens and maximise returns through efficient financial management.

These advantages offer financial flexibility, enhanced revenue potential, and strategic tax efficiency, paving the way for your business to thrive.

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The Leasing Process:

The typical leasing process takes around 2 weeks, although we have completed it in just a few days on occasions. However, in certain cases, the process may extend due to issues related to the customer or business applying.

  1. Initial Consultation and Eligibility Check: We kick off with a detailed conversation to understand your business needs and check eligibility, ensuring we comprehend your requirements thoroughly.
  2. Application Email for Documentation Collection: An email requesting essential information and supporting documents is sent to the director, initiating the documentation gathering process.
  3. Documentation Review and Lender Selection: Upon receiving the required documents, we meticulously review and assess the criteria to select the most fitting lender for your specific needs.
  4. Application Submission: We complete and submit the leasing application to the chosen lender, ensuring accurate and secure provision of all necessary information.
  5. Credit Evaluation: The selected lender conducts a comprehensive evaluation, considering factors such as creditworthiness, financial history, and director credit checks, to determine eligibility and terms.
  6. Lender Approval and Terms Finalization: Upon approval, we finalize the terms and conditions of the lease agreement with the lender.
  7. Supplier Notification and Invoice Generation: The chosen furniture supplier is notified about the approved lease and is requested to generate an invoice addressed to the lender.
  8. Documentation Review, Signing, and Initial Payment: Lease documentation is sent to you for review and signing. You're also requested to fulfill any initial payments as specified in the agreement.
  9. Lease Payment and Furniture Delivery: Once all documentation and payments are received, the lender disburses the full invoice amount to the furniture supplier, typically three days before the scheduled delivery.
  10. Commencement of Monthly Payments: You begin making monthly payments as per the agreed schedule, utilizing the furniture according to your business requirements.
  11. End-of-Term Options and Contact Prior to Lease End: Four months before the lease conclusion, we initiate contact to discuss the end-of-term options:
    • Option 1: Continued Use with CashFlow Leasing as Third Party: Extend usage for an additional two years facilitated by CashFlow Leasing. Incurs only two extra monthly payments covering annual use until the extended term ends. Responsibility for disposal rests with you if goods hold no intrinsic value. Costs: 2 x Monthly Premium.
    • Option 2: Nominate a Third Party for Ownership Transfer: Nominate a third party (excluding company directors), such as family, friends, property owners, or buyers, to take ownership. Fees: Final Rental Fee (TBC by lender) + Admin Fee £60.00. Confirmation of the new owner's name via invoice upon your nomination.



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    • Karen – Surfhouse Property Staging
      March 28, 2024 at 9:06 am

      Claire helped a client of mine with a quiet a large sum to set up a superb highend SA in Manchester. Without Claire this client couldn’t have gone ahead and we would not have got the amazing results we did in what is in fact an ordinary 3 bed semi near the Man City ground.
      This Actually shows the real power of what Claire’s business helps people achieve!

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