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My Story – How did my abilities manifest themselves?
Firstly, I will start by saying I am not your traditional psychic, if such a label exists. I didn’t have any ‘special friends’ as a child, in fact I wasn’t even aware I had any psychic abilities until I was 44 years old. At that the time I was writing a book about investing in property for your pension, so my abilities not only came as a shock to me, but also to those whom had known me as loving facts, figures and spreadsheets!
Looking back I have always ‘sat on the fence’ regarding anything paranormal. I neither believed, nor disbelieved, it just wasn’t something I thought about. However, that was all to change as experiences around me lead me to understand there was more to life than that which we can see and touch.
It all started without me realising, late in 2006. A growing family and business had led us to realise it was time to move home for more space. My husband, who was based from home at the time in our mortgage business, had taken the lead on monitoring Rightmove for potential properties, (while I rushed to Uxbridge to my corporate managerial role) we had been to see a few, but they weren’t right for us.
However, one dark Monday night in January I was getting a little fed up with him saying he couldn’t see anything appropriate so I decided to look on Rightmove myself, and this is when I saw our house. My husband who had confused it with another house we had already viewed (which we hadn’t liked) told me it had been on the market for ages , so I sent him off to do a scout on his way to dropping the children at nursery.
He drove down our road, however as there was no ‘for sale’ sign he was unsure which house it was on the market. By chance, the previous owner happened to came out of the house at that very moment, and asked my husband if she could help. When he explained that he was looking for a house which was for sale, she explained it was hers, but it had been taken off the market due to lack of interest.
The owner explained their contract had finished with the Estate Agent the previous week, so we were lucky to see it still on Rightmove as it should have been removed from the internet about five days previously. We made an arrangement for my husband and me to look around the house on the Friday lunchtime, as I worked from home on a Friday. (I looked on Rightmove later that day and it no longer existed).
We viewed the house Friday, and then again on Saturday and a private sale was agreed. Seven weeks later we moved in and how we loved our new home - I believe now we were clearly meant to buy this house.
However, over the next seven years we suffered problem after problem, we had 11 water leaks, a gas leak and a ceiling falling down. All this time my son and daughter were both reluctant sleepers and my son woke many, many times during the night.
Whilst all this was going on in 2011 I met Alan Whitton, who I started working with in my Property Mentoring business (which I ran at the time). Again I didn’t realise it initially, but looking back working with Alan was my first introduction to experiencing the effect of energy and how we are connected to each other. I became consciously aware that I started to feel a physical resonance a nanosecond before he called, or sent me an email even though we were miles apart. Sometimes I
felt warmth around my heart area, other times it felt like my breath was on fire. But there was a distinct physical feeling.
I imagine many people could relate to this connection when they have thought of someone and then seconds later that person has called on the phone or they’ve unexpectedly bump into them. Looking back I know this was my first personal lesson in increasing my awareness - I just didn’t understand it at the time.
Whilst writing my property pension book in 2013, I then experienced my second personal lesson when I attended a weekend property training course (I was actually only able to attend on the Saturday as on the Sunday my daughter had an MRI scan booked for early in an Oxford Hospital), on that Saturday I heard a story which truly resonated with me. The presenter spoke about a lady he called a Soul Clearer, and he told his personal story and how this lady was able to help if you were worried about something.
The previous week, after eight months of anxiety and painful sleepless nights, they had finally found the reason for my daughter’s intense pain - she had a bone tumour growing above her ankle on her lower Tibia. She was 10 years old at the time and she was naturally worried about the operation to remove it.
So I made the life changing decision to phone and leave a message for this lady – my thoughts being if such things as ‘Guardian Angels’ or ‘Guides’ existed, I wished for them to be with my daughter in the operating theatre.
She called me back the very next day and I listened as she explained that my daughter’s tumour was from a brother she had triggered into her life from a past life, the brother hadn’t ‘passed over’ when he died and he was caught in the earth plane.
Now when my daughter first became ill she had jumped out of bed one night screaming violently and hopping around holding her leg. The intense pain led the Doctors to think she had trapped a nerve in her back as she was experiencing sciatica, hence the extended time before the tumour was found as all the focus had been on her back.
As parents during the eight months, we noticed how her personality had also changed becoming very clingy and anxious. However, we had put this change of behaviour down to her being tired and in intense pain at night, as she was up at least 3 times a night. We didn’t understand what ‘not passed over and caught in the earth-plane’ meant, but we were grateful that this kind lady felt she could help, and we took up her offer of getting the brother collected and taken to the Light.
I don’t know what I expected to happen, but that night when I was up with my daughter rubbing her leg waiting for the pain relief to kick in, my daughter started talking in her sleep. It was the first time I had ever heard her do so in all the months I had been sat there every night. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying and it continued for a minute or so. Then she stopped and fell into a deep sleep. The following morning she woke up and it was as if her old personality had returned – she was smiling and said she felt much better, the anxiety had gone.
I then learnt that that the site of the tumour in my daughter’s leg was exactly the location, her past life brother, had his leg caught in a poacher’s trap 500 years ago while fleeing from their house. The intense pain which led my daughter to jump out of bed screaming so violently, had been his pain. I Googled poacher traps and realised the trap would have snapped into the bone of a leg exactly where my daughter’s tumour had grown, I remember being shocked.
During the operation several things happened at the Hospital which were above and beyond normal procedure. However, I admit again we put the whole experience to one side considering it only a story to tell friends and we were just grateful to have our daughter fit and healthy again.
Then a few months later the ceiling fell in on my son’s bedroom about 30 mins after he had got up. The children and a friend had all been having a sleepover in his room and the ceiling fell down across all three of the beds where minutes earlier they had been. We were utterly grateful no-one had been hurt, but we just couldn’t understand how our house just kept having so many things go wrong – no other house in our road, built at the same time was experiencing such a catalogue of disasters. Then it came to me I remembered in that property talk the presenter had also said if you have a problem with a house, you might also like to call the Soul Clearer.
So I called her again and left a message, hoping she might remember me. Thankfully she called me back, but I wasn’t expecting to hear what she told me. She explained we had two ghosts in our house, one a young boy triggered from a past life (who had taken up residence in my son’s room), and the other was the Grandma from the previous owners of our house, she was upset that we were changing what she deemed to be her house. My Soul Clearing lady explained she would arranged for them both to be collected by the angels. Again I was a little in shock. But later that very night my son suddenly went upstairs on his own, and played in his room alone, he had never done this before.
It just so happened that night a friend called round to see me, she asked where my son was and was utterly shocked when I told her he was upstairs playing in his room alone, as she also knew he would never do that. I remember saying to my friend ‘you’d never guess what has caused all the issues in our house?’ and I nearly fell over when she answered ‘was it the old lady?’
It transpired she has the ability to feel earth bound souls, and she had felt the lady many times when she had visited us. She had wondered if it was why the children struggled with sleeping, as when she babysat for us she could feel the Grandma upstairs.
The next day mid-morning I was sat in my office working when I experienced the Grandma being ‘collected’, (she had taken a little more persuasion to leave than the boy), the cat happened to be sleeping on the desk next to me, he woke up, sat bolt upright his fur completely puffed up and stood utterly motionless, boggle-eyed staring at the empty open door, about three foot behind me. After 30 seconds, or so he relaxed and went back to sleep. I did ask him what he saw – but he declined to answer.
I shared this experience with a neighbour, who suggested I should say a prayer for the Grandma, even though I had personally never met her, and so I asked for a message to let me know she was safely in the light. A short while later I can only describe it as a word being planted straight into my mind. It was as if my brain had been opened up like a cartoon and this word had been stamped into it. It was a completely random word, and wasn’t anything to do with anything I was doing at that time. I suddenly wondered if this dramatically received, random word was actually my message from the Grandma letting me know she was safe. So I decided to check whether this word meant anything with the previous owners, and it did.
So now the universe had started to get my attention!
The biggest shock however was yet to come, when I fed back everything that had happened to the Soul Clearer and she told me I had the same gift as her and could also do remote clearings... And that is when I started to recognise there is more to life than that which we can see and touch.
Initially, not everyone was keen for me to explore my abilities as there was concern it would damage my business reputation I had worked hard to achieve. However I felt totally convinced it would be very selfish of me not to help others if I could. As I knew first-hand how much our lives could be affected adversely by those elements that we couldn’t physically see. I did however make the decision initially, to keep my help to those close to me, or who were recommended to me as I knew I had a large learning curve to climb.
Since acknowledging my abilities I have however experienced so many situations over the years which have continued to prove to my ‘facts and figure’ loving brain that there is more to life than a spreadsheet and my faith in a guiding hand has continued to grow.
As I have allowed myself to be open to new concepts my abilities have opened up and I have come to learn that in this life I have been gifted the ability to be both Clairsentient and Clairvoyant. My Clairsentience gives me the intuition to have an inherent ‘knowing’ whether there are energies, or trapped souls whom need to be carried home to the Light. I am then able to resolve the situation by working with the Angels. All my work is carried out remotely and so I am able to work with clients wherever they live in the world, I don’t need to have personally visited the location.
My clairvoyance focuses on showing me past life memories in my mind’s-eye, for situations/energetic memories which are affecting this current life negatively. In very simple terms, I am able to rerun the memory removing the occurrence which is causing the current pain or insecurity. This releases the energetic tie to the soul and allows healing to occur in this life.
I have no doubt that all the experiences we had as a family were all part of my journey of understanding and enlightenment. And the fact I am such a practical, down to earth, spreadsheet loving individual I think has made this gift all the more perfect, as it has allowed me to open doors and help others in ways that may have been prevented if I wasn’t first and foremost a business woman.
So at the moment I still work full time in our mortgage business, as an Insurance Broker, but I know without doubt my role on earth is to be of service to others, and to help where I am able to and I feel totally blessed that I have been given this opportunity.
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    • Unknown
      March 31, 2023 at 10:26 am

      I have been using Gill’s services in our businesses for many years now. With many of our properties having a high turnover of people coming and going, Gill has been fantastic in clearing any negative energies that may exist in the building so that tenants can enjoy a calm and happy stay. Gill is professional, compassionate and cares about the wellbeing of people who may need help. I would thoroughly recommend her services’

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      • Gill
        February 22, 2024 at 11:21 am

        Thank you very much for your kind words. I am always delighted when my work is able to help smooth the way for a happy tenant and therefore happy landlord.

    • Martina Woodworth
      March 5, 2024 at 2:44 pm

      I was introduced to Gill by a good friend. I had done a development project and was left with a final apartment which was not selling. The piece had been dropped and still no interest though plenty of viewing. The ‘mirror apartment’ even sold and resold while it sat there empty. Gill worked on this over the weekend. Gill had reported back that two spiritual beings were in the house (an old Manor House) and didn’t want to leave. Coincidentally two tradesmen had reported seeing what they described as ghosts of the same description. In three days time I had a full price offer on the apartment. Thanks so much Gill!

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