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Hello, I am Fabienne Miler, a property stylist specialised in short stay accommodations. Through my own experience in the UK property industry, I have become aware of a common challenge: property investors often struggle to find the right people to bring their projects to life and maximise their investment, while talented service providers and suppliers, like myself, find it equally challenging to reach those who need our skills and products the most.

The challenge lies here: no matter the quality of our work, effective marketing is essential to attract the clients we are here to serve. However, not everyone has the resources, time, or inclination for self-promotion, often leading to missed opportunities and a business that does not perform at its best.

This understanding is the essence behind the creation of Property Design Hub. Its mission? To simplify these connections. Through an application process where we review work, client testimonials, and business practices, we ensure that only the best design professionals and suppliers are listed in the directory.

Our ambition for the platform is clear: to establish Property Design Hub as the trusted directory for both design service providers and property professionals seeking the best results.

This platform is about building a community of professionals who share a commitment to quality and excellence. Succeeding together is our aim!

Welcome to Property Design Hub – where we support both property professionals and their design partners. Whether you’re looking to find your next design partner or apply to be part of the service providers that the hub is promoting, start exploring the possibilities with Property Design Hub today!

Fabienne 😊